Images around Morecambe Bay


These images are from a collection of many that I’ve made in the area over the last four years. I’ve chosen them because of the way each image has distinctive colours, texture and form; they are images that entertain the eye. Many of the images are made using either multiple exposures or intentional camera movement. Both techniques add life and interest and a unique sense of place to digital photos.

Many of the images are made in the area around The Stone Jetty in the centre of Morecambe. From the end of the jetty you really feel as if you’re in the middle of the deep channels of the Bay. From here you can watch the tide ebb and flow as the light moves across the sands. Other images are from the Arnside area. From the top of Arnside Knott you get an overall view of the Bay which changes with the weather, the seasons and the light. I have also included a couple of images from the Lake District and beyond.

The images on this website are small jpgs, that load quickly onto the site. These small images are unsuitable for printing from and don’t show the detail and strength of colour that you will see in a limited edition print.

Limited edition prints are for sale, please contact me directly

More images of Morecambe Bay are here: Shifting sands


Sunderland Point, Ship Inn, Overton