People in monochrome


There is an argument, and I think it’s a good one, that if you strip the colour out of an image, you are left with the essence of the shot. Street photography and people caught on the move work well in monochrome for this reason. No colour to distract the viewer, just the light, composition and content remains to tell a story.

This gallery is a celebration of the people of north Lancashire and Cumbria, going about their daily lives. I never set out to get a specific shot when photographing people. I set off into the day, wander about and wait for people to appear in front of me. Occasionally I ask for a portrait, but most of these shots were taken on the street without warning. Taking impromptu photographs allows you to record how  people do or don’t interact with one another and the world about them. The essence of this type of image is informality.

You don’t always get the shot with street photography – To quote the I Ching:

“Everything that happens, happens at the only possible time it can happen, and it is always at exactly the right time. We cannot get to an appointment before we arrive—or after. It is only at the instant of our arrival that we can arrive, and that is always at exactly the right moment, the perfect moment, the only possible moment.”

So, you have to relax and observe to catch interesting images of people going about their daily lives. I am writing this as a reminder to myself!