Mountain, mist, waterfall


How much do we remember about the landscape, once we have left it?

A glimpse of water here, a mountain top appearing out of the cloud over there. We remember the sudden glimpses of light over the mountains, we remember the wet feet as we wade through the bog. These multiple exposure images were made in and around Torridon and Applecross during 2016.

I enjoy using my camera as my paint brush. Unworried by having to focus the camera and using deliberate camera movement there is great freedom to make images that capture the mood and weather of the day. Making multiple exposure digital images, is like applying layer upon layer as you would overlay paint. The layers for my digital photographs are taken on the same day, in the same landscape; to capture the sense of place, to hold onto a fleeting memory.

Traditionally multiple exposure images were made on film, in the camera. Now the layering can be done in comfort,sitting in front of the fire, using software. However, there is no extraordinary manipulation, adding of texture or ‘photoshopping’ in these images, only the laying of one photo on top of another.