Landscape monochrome


Monochrome images emphasize the heaviness of the weather systems of northern England and Scotland. We may not have many bright summery days but we make up for it with wind, cloud, rain and sea spray. I look for abstraction in the landscape. I don’t usually want to take photos of well known views and I don’t think its important that the onlooker knows exactly where they were shot. What I look for is atmosphere and small areas of land that others might not have noticed. I accept that the weather is often going to be poor.

Use a tripod is the mantra for landscape photography and I often do. But not always. Some of these shots have been grabbed out of car windows on rainy days. Hence, the misty, grainy, heavy feel, the lack of depth of field and all other ‘mistakes’ that photographers are not supposed to make. The rules of digital image making are there to be broken.